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Moving from TCC v22 to TCMD v24 issues


I have recently changed from TCC v22 to TCMD v24; I only have few open issues remaining

1) I have had working alias @alt-x=^eexit^r but it does not work anymore :(
It begins to work if I detach command window, but with file explorer visible, it's not working.

2) I have had console colors with ansi with the following prompt:
iff %_elevated eq 1 then
prompt %@exec[@set titleprompt=`%_CWD`]`^e[1;91mAdministrator^e[0m^n^r$P$G`
prompt %@exec[@set titleprompt=`%_CWD`]$P$G

However, If I use the same with TCMD v24 the ANSI colors are not working; in fact %_ANSI
indicates I have no ANSI enabled, even though it's set on in options.. suggestions?

3) TCMD screen output seems quite lot slower compared to detached window; any
ideas how to improve speed?

thank you in advance!

Hmm.. I got the #2 working by enabling ANSI in TCC options; but the question remains, what's the difference between "ANSI support" in TCC options and Take Command option "ANSI colors"
1) Alt-alpha keys in GUI apps are intercepted by Windows and interpreted as menu keys. You can choose to send either the left or right alt keys to the console app instead by going to the Take Command configuration dialog (Tabs / Windows).
2) Depends on what version of Windows you're running - ANSI support is completely different in Win 7 and Win 10.
3) Not reproducible here - output in a TCMD tab window is almost 3x faster than in a TCC console window.
1) I knew there was a configuration option for this - thank you!! :)
2) Windows 10; but I got it working through TCC options
3) You're right!! I created a small script testing display speed and TCMD v24 is almost 4 times faster than TCC v22. The screen update seems different (my initial perception was that TCMD is slower, but it's just different looking screen update method)

thank you very much for rapid responses!

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