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Closing multi-tab TCMD crashes

I was going to shut down my system and clicked the X on the TCMD window, which had two tabs open; I think both were at the prompt. It crashed. I started TCMD again, started a second tab, clicked the TCMD X and it crashed again. Just to be sure, I removed the tcstart/tcexit and it still crashes. Here's the GPF data:
TCMD  15.01.44
EAX=00000001  EBX=00000001  ECX=0014B7F8  EDX=00000000
ESI=005C85A4  EDI=0014B7F8  EBP=0F7CFD44  ESP=0F7CFD28
CS=0000001B  DS=00000023  ES=00000023  SS=00000023
1 : mfc110u.dll 0001:0000705e
2 : mfc110u.dll 0001:000070c8
3 : MSVCR110.dll 0001:0002fe9a
4 : MSVCR110.dll 0001:0002fda6
5 : MSVCR110.dll 0001:0000f157
6 : ntdll.dll 0001:00057968
7 : ntdll.dll 0001:0005d094
8 : ntdll.dll 0001:0005d12f
D:\>ver /r
TCC  15.01.44   Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
TCC Build 44   Windows 7 Build 7601  Service Pack 1
I tried it with TCMD x64 with no problems. I then tried it with TCMD x86 and could reproduce the unclosed TCC instance. There seems to be a bug in x86 Windows when handling a SC_CLOSE that was introduced a couple of weeks ago when fixing another Windows bug that caused a crash when closing TCMD when an IDE window was open.

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