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Individual vs multi-system licenses

I have been continuing to use various older versions of TC on the various systems that I use, both physical and virtual. I'm considering purchasing an upgrade to get to the latest and greatest. I'm confused about how the multi-system licenses work. Suppose I have 5 systems I want to use TC on? As of now, I am running almost all VMs since I have switched mostly to MacBooks, but I continue to use Parallels for Windows apps I still have to use. So, I have a personal Mac and a work Mac both running Parallels. At work I have 3 Windows VMs that I like to have TC on, so that's a total of 5 machines on which I would like to run TC.

2 single use licenses would allow me to run it on up to 6 machines at the cost of about $200 since I don't think I am recent enough to qualify for upgrade pricing. I'm having trouble understanding the pricing on the multi-system licenses. The new copy pricing is 5-9 for $80. Does that mean I would have to pay 5*$80=$400 to use it on 5 machines? Or do these multi-system licenses work like multiple individual licenses where I could get 2 at $90 for a total of $180 and that would allow me to run on up to 6 machines?

What is the most cost effective way for me to be able to run TC on 5 machines?

You can upgrade to the latest version of Take Command from any prior version of Take Command, 4NT, or even 4DOS for the same upgrade price.

If you want to install Take Command on six systems, the least expensive approach is to order two individual upgrades (*not* a two-system license), which will allow you to install on three systems apiece. (You'll have to do this in two separate orders; otherwise the store will give you a two-system license which only allows up to 4 systems.) The total cost would be $49.95 * 2 = $99.90.
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