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Failed to ZIP


we used TCC 17.00.77.

I have a script for zipping a directory and when its done its been deleted, the commands are:

ZIP /R /M "example_recursive_folder.zip" "example_recursive_folder"

so after zip process is done, i delete the folder (recursive folder):

RMDIR /S /Q example_recursive_folder

The randomally issue is that after zipping the directory its not been deleted.

I wonder if its a bug or maybe i need to use a different command or flages..?
So, I'm not sure what the issue is. There is a problem with the .ZIP file? Or only with removing the directory afterward?
Hi Charles,

i think that my main error is that a remotly zip is failed and thats why the folder is not deleted
so my issue is:
the zip command return an error ( i assume because its a 6 gb to zip remotly)...and the zip is failed
what is the best way to zip such a big recursive directory and not starting this procces agian when a network issue, distorb it to complete zipping this big folder..?
Best way is to use archivers(archive formats) better than zip, with explicit big volumes support.
tar, rar, 7-zip.
Thanks for replay...if thats ok here is the issue:
I tought its a question of 32/64 bit when we talk about Windows and large zipping...any way as about 7Zip
what exactly the recommand flags to zip 6gig recursive directory and what supposed to be the condition to know that zip wasnt broken means like exsit of some flag error to be sure befor i delete this heavy directory after i zip it?
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Not all zips are the same. Just so you know.
The format itself, and its implementations have so many issues, it's best to steer away from it completely.
Arbitrary archive (and included files) length limits (2GB, 4GB, other).
Rather arbitrary support for file names character encodings.
And more.
Hi AnrDeamon, thannks for replay :)

The procedure of my script is: leave the last 4 big recursive folders and zip the others to anothe OS in some archive folder (7gig~).

I use windows 2012 and TCMD 17.

I have tow issues:
1. Whats the best zip software for zipping this 7 gig like to add a right condition to know if zip succeded or failed?
I use: ZIP /R /M target.zip" "%source%"

2. Whats the best completly delete recursive folder like 20gig~
I use: RMDIR /S /Q %source%
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