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missing English.dll, failed install

I installed Take Command 19.10.54 over 19.10.53 Windows 10 64 bit.

It complained multiple times during the install that English.dll was missing. After the reboot it continued to complain and terminated immediately.
There is no English.dll but there is an EnglishD.dll in the TCDM19_x64 directory.
There both a French.dll and FrenchD.dll
I saw the same thing after I installed b54. I re-ran the installer and selected the "repair" option and it sorted out the problem. Give it a try, hopefully it will work for you too.
This is a sporadic Windows Installer bug when a file exists and appears to be newer than the file in the installer. Windows Installer deletes the target file, and then decides not to copy the file in the installer because it was "older".

In 19.10.53, English.dll had a typo in the version that would potentially trigger this bug. Either uninstall v19 & reinstall it, or do a repair.

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