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Finding TCC to clone

Normally I have TCC with a custom icon sitting on my taskbar. Anytime I want to spin off a command box, I just click it.

I usually have 2 to 4 command boxes going at once. Some are triggered as *.btm files by the task scheduler, with their own custom icons or by clicking desktop icons or by cloning a taskbar TCC task.

The system quickly gets into a state where the original TCC icon is not present. I have to remember which icons in their heart of hearts represent TCC, and I can spin off a new empty command box by right clicking them. The problem I have is I cannot remember which are TCC and which are not.
I would like if it the original TCC stayed put unmodified for use in cloning.

I tried to put two TCC icons on the taskbar, but Windows 10 would not let me.

Does anyone else have this problem, and how do they get around it?
Have you looked at the JUMPLIST command?

Purpose: Create a custom taskbar task list for Take Command.

Format: JUMPLIST [/C /D /S] "title" "arguments"

"title" Title to appear in jumplist
"arguments" Command and options to pass to Take Command

/C(ommit) /S(eparator)


JUMPLIST requires Windows 7 or later.

To create a custom task list, you need to call JUMPLIST for each command, and then a final time with the /C option.

The command will be prefaced with a /C before it is passed to Take Command, so it will be started in a new tab window.


/C Commit the new task list.

/D Delete an existing task list.

/S Add a separator line to the task list
I have tried this, but I don't see a generated menu anywhere. What am I missing?

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