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HTTP Protocol error. 407 Proxy Authentication Required.

I sent an email about this, but I haven't heard back (I was using a 5+ year old email address, so it might be obsolete) so I'll post it here.

I upgraded from v13 to v18. I got my licence key in the mail, no problem, but when I attempt to register, I get the HTTP Protocol error. Unfortunately, the corporate firewall won't be changing any time soon. Although I got an offline key for v13, I doubt it would work for 18.

Rexx, can you guys send me the offline key? I tried both "William de Haan" and "William de Haan - 1 System License" (what was in the registration email), neither works with the corporate firewall.

Thanks in advance...
Could you send a manual key my way as well? I'm working for Dell now and am running into similar issues with the firewall.

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