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tcc.exe /c whatever/... triggers debug messages

TCC 27.01.24 x64

TCC.EXE /c whatever/... triggers a sequence of message boxes, which I assume are for jpsoft internal development purposes
  1. GetCommandLine()=<path>TCC.EXE /c whatever/...
  2. OLE & COM Initialization
  3. Initialize global variables
  4. Initialize system variables
  5. Parsing command line (/c whatever/...)
This happens when there is a /... anywhere in the command line.

This occured in Python code
os.system ('p4 sync somedir/...')
where os.system spawns a new command processor and ... is a wildcard and can't be replaced by anything else.

I found a workaroud
set DOTS=...
os.system ('p4 sync somedir/%DOTS%')

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