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Migrating Settings?

When I upgrade to a new version of TcmD is there an easy way to migrate the settings from the old version to the new? For instance, I just bought Version 22 and I need to migrate the settings from Version 21 and that will be a PAIN to do it manually.
Are you referring to the TCMD.INI settings? For v22, those are kept in "c:\programdata\jp software\take command 22\TCMD.ini". You just need to copy the "c:\programdata\jp software\take command 21\TCMD.ini" file to the new directory.

If you're referring to the TCMD window settings, those are normally saved in the registry, but you can optionally save them to an XML file (see the XMLSettings INI directive) and read them into v22.
I have many versions installed. When I get a new version, I copy the previous TCMD.INI, TCSTART.BTM, and TCEXIT.BTM to the new directory. TCMD.INI usually requires only two changes (unless there are new INI directives that I want to use). Those two settings can be changed in the OPTION dialog. They are:
1. The location of TCSTART.BTM/TCEXIT.BTM
2. TCMD's COMSPEC (which TCC to use by default)
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