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New command not working well in Windows 7

I tried every dialogname for wsettings in Windows 7 and everyone gave an error message like:
TCC: (Sys) "ms-settings:about.
The command seems to work fine in Windows 10

The wshortcut command with the /t option appears to set the File explorer correctly but gives and error message in Windows 7 ( haven't tried them all but the ones). Without the /t option it works fine. In Windows 10 it also works as describe.

Y:\>wshortcut/t network
TCC: (Sys) The parameter is incorrect.
Here is what the manual says for the command:


The settings dialogs that are available will depend on your Windows version. The list below is for Windows 10.
Is "Family & other users" (from the documentation) really a correct dialogname for WSETTINGS?
Screenshot - 20170531_084049.png
Screenshot - 20170531_084546.png
Two more...
Lock screen
Screen rotation

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