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How to? Scripting plugin

Hello --

Can anyone suggest which of the scripting syntax/languages (perl, python, tcl) integrates "plugs-in" to tcc the best? "best" might not be the correct way to describe this

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but if you want the scripting language that integrates most closely with the TCC environment, you should look at Python, REXX, Ruby, and Tcl. Don't bother with Perl unless you're a Perl developer with a lot of existing scripts -- the embedded Perl implementation for Windows is awful, extremely buggy, and the bugs are never, ever fixed. I tried to work around as many of the Perl bugs as I could, but there are aspects remaining that make it an unsuitable development environment. (The Perl implementation in Linux is much better, and that seems to be the only place that the Perl developers work.)

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