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How to? SENDMAIL with G-Suite Mail Account

I entered what I thought were the right values for accessing a GMail account of mine that is part of a G-Suite. When it kept failing, I searched the forum here and did Google searches. I found a number of suggestions, but none of them match what I see in the G-Suite admin panel. Has anyone figured out how to send messages from TCC using a G-Suite mail account? In particular, I cannot find a way to get an app password for TCC.
I know nothing about gsuite.

Is this appropriate?

SMTP relay: Route outgoing non-Gmail messages through Google
If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature.

I have an ancient gmail account. Years ago I couldn't get an "app password" but I was allowed to use the less secure smtp method of just giving my gmail userid and password. That still worked a few months ago and it didn't work tonight. It's not all that important; I only did it in the first place so I could test TCC. So I may not look into it until it becomes important again.
As far as I can tell, G-Suite is different (and maybe regular gmail has changed as well). I read lots of posts on how to get an "app password" from gmail, but the screens described in those posts don't match what I see in the G-Suite administrative panel. I was able to get Thunderbird to work with the mail account, but with the same data entered into TCC's option dialog, Google rejects the SENDMAIL data and sends me a warning that an app may have tried to hack my account.

All my other email accounts are hosted by TigerTech, and everything can be done very easily there. And whenever I have a technical issue, I just write to support and get a 100%-on-target reply almost immediately (I love them as I do JP Soft). Unfortunately, they -- for very good reasons -- will not let customers send mail with a FROM field that uses a domain name that they do not control.
In my case (traditional gmail) ... they turn off less-secure SMTP access because of non-use. A Google help thread guided me to where I could turn it on. In case it might be of any help: Settings ... Accounts & Import ... Security. So it's working again (but I get two email warnings when I use it).
Vince, thanks to you I have succeeded in getting an app password that works with TCC! It wasn't anything specific that you said, because I still could not find the options you described, but you gave me the courage to keep trying. Part of the confusion resulted from the fact that I am a full administrator for that system. The breakthrough came when I figured out how to access just my own email account. Then I found the area for configuring the security and got to a help screen about app passwords. It still took a little trial-and-error in TCC, but I ultimately got my MailMerge.btm script (which uses TPIPE and SENDHTML) to run and send out a batch of personalized messages.

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