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SENDMAIL /= missing field

Rex, would you kindly add a BCC input field to the SENDMAIL dialogue?

As it is, it is possible to include BCC addresses by filling in the CC field with something like
               joe, bob, bcc:mary
but I'd like to have an explicit, separate field for it.
Well, I don't think of this a requesting a new feature; I actually think it's a bug (a _design_ bug, not a coding bug). However, I have MY work-around so I don't need any change. Perhaps other, especially new, users would appreciate the BCC field having it's own input field in the dialog. Rex, even though I'm not adding this to the Feedback system (which probably should be called "Suggestions and Requests" rather than "feedback", you're certainly free to consider adding it or ignoring it.
None of the command dialogs has every possible option available for that command. The intent was to make the dialogs easier to use than the command line, not harder! I made a decision on each command as to which options would be likely to be used by the target users for command dialogs (i.e., the less advanced users). The "bcc" option for SENDMAIL is IMO not commonly used, so it wasn't included in the dialog.

I have in a couple of other cases added options to command dialogs when they were requested by (several) users in the feedback forum.
Oh, okay, I see, Rex. I was under the mistaken impression that all the options would be in the dialogs. To be honest, I hadn't looked at very many of them, and it was an assumption (and I do know what happens when I ass-u-me things). As I mentioned, I have my work-around (which works fortunately works because you didn't do any coding to exclude taking advantage of being able to put 'bcc:' into the cc field in the dialog). So if other people ask for it, you can consider it. Either way, I can use it. SENDMAIL is the only command for which I regularly use the dialog.

Happy new year.

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