SENDMAIL under v14

I am using;

TCC  14.00.15   Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
TCC Build 15   Windows XP Build 2600  Service Pack 3

SENDMAIL gives me the following error;

535 5.0.0 Authentication Failed
TCC: SMTP protocol error. 535 5.0.0 Authentication Failed.

I have no problem using SENDMAIL from v13.

I have confirmed in v14 that my information is correct under;

Options-> Configure TCC-> Internet Tab

This works under v13;

sendmail /v /ssl=2 Subject Body

but gives the indicated error under v14.

Not exactly reproducible here -- except that /SSL=2 fails in both v13 and v14 in my test environment (sending via gmail).

/SSL=0 and /SSL=1 both work here; /ssl=3 fails (as expected with gmail).

There's not much chance I can do anything with your situation, but send me your complete /V output (to

Hi Rex,
I think I have found the problem.

I keyed in all of my info into Options-> Configure TCC-> Internet Tab and then tried SENDMAIL. That is when I received the error.

I went out today, and turned my system off. When I got back, I turned it back on.

I tried SENDMAIL again, and it works.

So, I mucked up Options-> Configure TCC-> Internet Tab and tried SENDMAIL again. It still worked.

Next, I quit TCMD14, and then launched it again. SENDMAIL failed.

So, I corrected Options-> Configure TCC-> Internet Tab and tried SENDMAIL again. It failed.

Again, I quit TCMD14, and then launched it again. SENDMAIL works.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to quit and re-start TCMD after making changes to Options-> Configure TCC-> Internet Tab

Is this correct?

My jobs that use SENDMAIL and SENDHTML run periodically through the week, depending on file contents, so if they give me any further problems, I will let you know.

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