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Staff member
I've decided to discontinue the Take Command / Uservoice suggestions forum. I am not happy with the direction the Uservoice UI is taking, so I've reinstated the Suggestions forum at https://jpsoft.com/forums .

I've copied all of the pending suggestions from Uservoice to the local Suggestions forum (I did not copy the comments).

Please post all future suggestions in the local forum. The orange ? for the Uservoice forum has been removed from the JP Software web site & the forums.
You should probably change the subheading ("This forum is obsolete....")
I watched as messages in that forum, all from rconn, piled up at a rate of 1-2 per minute ... and thought (for just a moment) wow!, that guy can really type!

And I recall, a few weeks ago, while browsing the suggestions, seeing one about updates to the SDK that gave some access to array functions. The next day I couldn't find it. Was I dreaming?
I'm not sure if the button is for topics or authors.

@Rex: How do you envision the future of voting for new ideas?

Regards, DJ.
I'm not sure if the button is for topics or authors.

Completely off-topic, but I don't get the "Like" button either on these forums. Hardly anyone ever uses it.

There is a lot to like (well, I do) or to "Like": perfect solutions for complicated problems, witty remarks, deeper insights, broader perspective or just new knowledge ... you name it.
A lot (!!) of knowledge and wisdom among the users and nobody hesitates to use it to help other people. All that in a friendly spirit.
It's hard to imagine people don't like that (although the lack of positive feedback might support that hypothesis).

Maybe people take all this for granted (and forget how grim other forums can become sometimes), maybe the "Like" button was introduced 3 months ago, maybe it's just the consensus after all these years. Whatever the reason, I think it's a pity. Everyone likes (no pun intended) some positive feedback from time to time.

Long story (sorry for that!) short: after almost 2 months on these forums, I'm still unable to figure out the common accepted usage of the "Like" button (other than: "Don't use it!" ). Can anyone shed some light on the matter?

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