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Forum column headings wrong?

Seems that the column heading of "Start date" - should be "watched/flagged" or something. The "Start Date" is under the thread title always.
What Charles is saying is that there is a column heading titled Start Date, but it does not contain start dates. The only thing it shows is if the thread is locked and/or sticky. If you click the title, it does sort the threads by date started I think.
I see what you mean. However, though in a very strange style technically Xenforo's column titles are correct. Each column of a thread's row has two rows; the legend for the first row is displayed above the left end of the column, the legend of the second row above the right end of the column. Not ovvious, of course. The entries which are verically separated in the data have horizontally separated legends. But personally I never even look at the legends, they are so self evident. Other issues with the XenForo implementation are of much more relevance to me: the inability to switch between this tab and the thread list tab while preapring this post using Firefox' keyboard shortcuts (which might be a Firefox issue, not XenForo). the necessity to use a GUI for what is basically a text mode operation, not being able get local copies of ALL posts on my system automatically, the gratuitous switch from New Posts mode to {left home for a couple of hours when I got this far} "Watched Forums" mode when one "mark forums read", etc. Mind you, all of these issues are with the XenForo implementation, beyond the control of JP Software, Inc. - all Rex can do is influence his supplier (or find an alternate supplier - shudder...).

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