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The translation language in Forum switched automatically back to German (not desired)

After the forum was in german (after your implementation), I switched back to English, because I do not like it translated. Then for few days it was running in English. But today, it switched automatically back to German - undesired. Maybe that is a cookie thing (cookies are allowed for forum) or something like that?

PS: It's possible that this is a local problem here too (from Browser or so). However: I thought I will report it here though ...
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Now it works again with English.

I will keep an eye on it.

Thank you for response and have a good new year and all the best for you, Rex!
Hi Rex,

for me the forum language switches back to German, too. Not at once for a visit shortly after, but the next day or two. I just logged out, and back in, and it was unchanged. I've closed the browser, started it anew, and it was unchanged. But after a day or two, I'm greeted in german again.
Here, same problem again.

I'm not surprised that the cookies are the problem (I mentioned that in my first posting).

The thing is: here are cookies allowed already for domain jpsoft.com. I'll try to find out what cookie that is ...

Seems the googtrans cookise ... which is allowed till end of session only and one it's for domain jpsoft.com instead .jpsoft.com ...
Hmm ... I will try to solve that yet ...

Seems I can't fix it since this relevant cookie will deleted at session end (have no influence to this behaviour it seems (Firefox).

So it seems that's a serverside problem?!

PS: Maybe this has ALSO to do with the local storage ... but that is allowed too ...

PPS: Ok, as workaround I blocked now connections to google translation for this domain and filtered out even the translation list (the flags) (because without function anyway). All good now for me.
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The same here again. It was gone when I closed the browser and reopend it. But now, a few hours later, it is back. Damn. But for me, it is a minor inconvinience, so I wont go into the deepth of cookie management...
Thanks for info, Klaus.

The reason is that those two cookies have a wrong lifetime! It seems that this is set through the server and has the value "till end of session" (so called session cookies).

This should be fixed - it's just annoying, because I guess some users hasn't the possibility to apply a such workaround as I described above ...

PS: If you - or others - use uBlock Origin - you could add the following in "Meine Filter" (My filter):


This will block and remove the translation functionality.
Nice, but I'll not use them. I like the translation possibility. I feel it is even better than Deepl, which has a tendency to translate tech jargon words which have become standard use in german, too. GT seems to preserve them better. But at occasions I might like to switch to german for compasion.

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