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Hovering on a forum user's name?

It used to be that if you hovered on a forum user's name you got a brief popup blurb (last seen ...). That stopped working recently. Then, yesterday, it worked again. Today its not working again.

When it's not working, the other mechanism (click user's name to go to a more informative page) doesn't work well. If you click too soon after moving the mouse to the user's name, nothing happens ... as if it's waiting/trying to do the hover thingy.

What's up with all that?
I've noticed this as well. Google Chrome 120.0.6099.225 (Official Build) (64-bit), if that matters.
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What behavior do you see, Rex? The hover\popup_blurb behavior is long-standing and not working now in Firefox or MSEdge.
What goes on in that "Members online" box is screwy in other ways.


If I place the mouse on "Charles Dye" it lights up, is underlined, and Firefox shows me


If I then move the mouse up to "online" nothing happens (nothing lights up or is ujderlined, Firefox shows no URL).

If I then move the mouse left to "Members", nothing lights up or is underlined and firefox shows me


It all seems a bit odd to me. And I wouldn't be surprised if it deals with the broken hover mechanism.
Here it's not the same behaviour for Members ... maybe this is because I use another Forum Style?

However: here (some) links are not working but after a while (after moved the curser a lot?) the links become active and show the same as in your screenshot no. 1 ...

Weird ...

PS: I use normal the Forum "Style Fluent v2 Dark". With Style "Fair (child)" the bevaviour changes and shows me (for one member) his recent Topic, later again the same as in your screenshot no. 1 ...

I think also there is something wrong with hovering ...

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