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FORUM questions

On many occasions I prepared a partial response to a post, but decided to abandon it. For example, someone else provided the same information. I cannot figure out how to delete it! When I reopen the thread, I find the old text resurrected.

Is there a way to determine whether clicking on "New Posts" has been completed other than by watching the browser's tab?
You're probably talking about the "Draft" feature. Above the text entry area (where your old text is resurrected), there's a row of icons. One of those icons looks like a 3 1/2" floppy. That's the Drafts icon. Click on that an there's an option to delete your draft message.
Thanks for burrowing into it. But alas, selecting "delete drafts" did nothing. Tried both as plain text and highlighted. Seems like Mensa does not qualify to be a XenForo expert.
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