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Fixed TCC 17 describe redirection

Input redirection for DESCRIBE is no longer working correctly in TCC 17. Here's a line that I use in numerous BTM and REXX scripts:

*DESCRIBE TargetFile <TmpFile

If TargetFile already has a description, that command in TCC 17 appends the redirected description to the existing one.

In all previous versions of TCC the existing description would be replaced. By previous versions I mean from TCC 16 back to the early days of Windows XP.

Update: I just checked my archives and the earliest version of my cpdesc script that I still have was in 1999.
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Why do I use redirection for DESCRIBE? Because that's the only reliable way to get quotes into a description, such as:

"Sinkholes: Buried Alive" {PBS:Nova}

By writing the description to a temporary file, virtually any character can be included in a description -- just like when manually entering a description at DESCRIBE's prompt.

I tried the SafeChars plug in, but it only worked sometimes and not reliably.

I have re-installed Take Command 16. Version 17 also broke a few other scripts. For instance it seems to be intolerant of two sets of double quotes surrounding a file name, such as ""file one"". Previous versions didn't care.
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