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Fixed tcc /k not emulating cmd.exe w double quotes

cmd.exe /k ""c:\Program Files\test.bat"" x86
will run test.bat with the parameter of x86, however the same line does not work with tcc.exe which states:
TCC: Unknown command "c:\Program"

Found this as it's tripping up my development team from adopting Take Command. They use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt shortcut (attached) installed with VS2010. I've told them tcc.exe is 100% cmd.exe compatible, even down to the bugs, but then this isn't working. Just removing the double quoting is an easy workaround, but it loses confidence in the group so that they're wary of using TCC. :( We're using v13.04.62. Is this something that can be 'fixed' so tcc.exe has the same behavior as cmd.exe?


  • Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010).zip
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This has to be one of the dumbest of all the CMD.EXE kludges. And given that there's no reason to ever use it (even in CMD.EXE) I'm mystified why people still occasionally reinvent it.

Several years ago, I had an ugly hack in 4NT to emulate this, but I dropped it a couple of years ago thinking that everyone had finally come to their senses. Apparently not ...

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