check for network tcstart.btm and load if newer

Mar 6, 2019
i'm using tcmd on a pc and laptop.

i've mapped my microsoft one drive as z: on both.

i've created a directory on z: to backup tcmd and be a server to store/share files such as alias.lst , unknowncmd.btm

Then i thought that i'd like to store TCstart.btm and realized I may create a loop..

i'm kind of racking my brain trying to figure out how to get tcstart.btm to check for a newer version on z:
and if there is, to exit, copy it, then reload it..

hmm now that i think about it.. i could just have tcstart execute a tcstart2.btm on the z: drive.

i guess i'll post this anyway just in case anyone can use the idea to map the MS one drive and or have any better ideas along this line of thinking.

and of course i have TCMD installed on both machines instead of running it off the network drive to avoid confusion as well as be available if the network is down.
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