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Problems using tcstart.btm

I load aliases in tcstart.btm. My tcstart.btm looks like this:

alias /r c:\util\tcmd24\alias.cnf


if %_pipe != 0 .or. %_transient != 0 quit
alias /r c:\util\tcmd24\alias.cnf

The problem is that it sometimes interferes with command-line tools that
invoke shells. Examples are:

cpan (when adding certain packages)
angular (when adding platforms if I remember correctly)
ionic (when creating a project ??)
react (when creating a project)

Here is a concrete example:
1. install node etc...

2. run [C:\test\react]npx create-react-app test1

This fails unless tcstart.btm is empty or missing.

So I guess my question is, is there a way I can load aliases without
using tcstart.btm? My work-around is to run cmd.exe for these commands.
Has anyone else gotten around this issue?


thanks vefatica. Here's my final solution:

1> deleted the tcstart.btm file

2> created a file als.btm with the following contents:

alias /r c:\util\tcmd24\alias.cnf

3> in the shell:startup folder I created a link file with the following target:

C:\util\tcmd24\tcc.exe /c c:\util\tcmd24\als.btm
I have always used a brief DELAY (2 seconds) after ALIAS and before SHRALIAS. I remember that there can be problems if the TCC exits too quickly ... before SHRALIAS.EXE has attached to the memory-mapped alias file. You probably read that SHRALIAS can also guard global history, dirhistory, and function lists.
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