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iftp copying pgp files from ftp is not working

I am trying to copy a pgp file from FTP a ftp site. Source file size is around 7KB. But copy command only copies exactly 4KB. It doesn't throw any error message. Any normal file copies fine, but PGP files are copied only partially. I even tried using /D option in copy command and didn't work either.

Any help if much appreciated.
I've seen partial file downloads, too. (Uploads always seem to work as expected.) Nothing to do with PGP; I suspect that it's just certain file sizes that have issues...? It is not a text vs. binary issue, as I've had text files truncated.

This in version 16.03.55, by the way. I don't know whether the issue still exists in newer versions.

/D, I'm pretty sure, has nothing to do with FTP transfers.
Later: I have not seen this issue for some months now, because I did eventually find a workaround, in v16. I dropped back to an older version of IPWorks9.dll (August 2013) and the problem went away. I'm afraid this probably would not be a good solution in later versions of Take Command, though.
Are you using Active FTP? It has been broken for a few versions of TCC (and still is). Try Passive FTP.
Try "IFTP /V ...". You might get an idea what's going wrong.
Thanks for your reply.

I did. I do not see any errors, if that is what I am looking for. using /v, what do you think I should see?
When I use Passive=No, I get errors like this. I don't know whqat's happening to you.

TCC: FTP protocol error: 426 Data connection unexpectedly closed, file transfer /TCSH-build.zip aborted by client. "/TCSH-build.zip"
Is this PGP file a cleartext file (ASCII/ANSI) (public key or so)? Then you could try with "copy /FTP:A ..." to perform FTP transfer in ASCII mode, instead of the default binary mode ...
With IFTP /V you should see something like this. I downloaded a file called DynamicSetEnvVar.zip.
200 Type set to I.
SIZE /DynamicSetEnvVar.zip
213 32306
227 Entering Passive Mode (128,230,13,36,235,216)
RETR /DynamicSetEnvVar.zip
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for DynamicSetEnvVar.zip (32306 Bytes).
226 Transfer complete. 32,306 bytes transferred. 31.55 KB/sec.
First, TCC asks for binary mode (I) and the server replies with a code (200) and an acknowledgement. Then, TCC asks for the size of the file. The server responds with a code (213) and the file size (32306). Then TCC asks for the file (RETR). When the server thinks the transfer is done, it sends a code (226) and the number of bytes it sent.

So you can see how much was sent and compare it to the 4KB you say was received. If the server says it sent the whole file, then there seems to be a problem with TCC. If the server says it sent the 4KB you received then there seems to be a problem with the server.

And if you're really using passive mode, you should see TCC send the PASV command along with the server's response.
Thanks to all for your help. Much appreciated.

I switched to winscp to download the file instead of iFTP and it is working.

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