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Increasing Font Point Size in Command Tabs

For a long time I used NDOS and everything since then upgrading has been better EXCEPT that I cannot see how to make the command tabs more readable. In NDOS one of the basic options was to set the Font size and that was very easy. In TCC I have searched for a similar option with no luck. The Help window implies that it can be done in Preferences which I also cannot locate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I am using v19.0).
In the current version, you can use the configuration dialog: Options / Take Command / Tabs / Font

Or the easy way to change just the font size: Hover your mouse over the tab window, then hold down the Ctrl key and turn the scroll wheel on the mouse. (This also works in many web browsers.)

v19 is a very old version, but I think that both of these methods were available back then.
I suppose the reason I never saw the Fonts button in the Take Command/Options/Tabs is the quality of my eyesight, but that button did exactly what I needed it to do.
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