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Fixed No changes to the descript.ion file

Hello All!

here's a simple example of bug:

[C:\]md /d 1 %+ md A %+ md B
[C:\1]describe /a:d *.* "Happy New Year!"
[C:\1]dir /zkmh
A            <DIR>      29.01.12 23:52  Happy New Year!
B            <DIR>      29.01.12 23:52  Happy New Year!
[C:\1]move A B
C:\1\A -> C:\1\B\A
"A" Happy New Year!
"B" Happy New Year!
[C:\1]dir /zkmh B
A            <DIR>      29.01.12 23:52
There is no descript.ion file in the В directory :-(
This is a long-standing situation that I reported as a bug as far back as 4NT version 8. If you move a directory to another location the directory description does not follow.

When I originally reported it, I felt the responses were less than helpful, so I created a btm workaround. It creates the destination directory first, copies the description from the source directory and then uses *move /s to relocate the directory.

I call a REXX script to get the description of the source directory and I haven't bothered to update the btm because it works, but nowadays you can use the @DESCRIPT function instead.
TCC *used* to move the description for directory moves, until we got a lot of requests (demands?) to support the CMD.EXE behavior for that particular syntax (which short-circuited TCC's attempt to move the description).

I just went back and took another look at the code, and I worked out a way to have it both ways. V13 build 40 (which should be released in a few days) will now copy the directory description to the target and remove the original description.
Thanks Rex. That means I'll be able to abandon my workaround BTM that I've used since 2007. It makes me a little sad. :(
I also made ​​a version of the workaround.But every time I need to be aware of such errors. Although the program should always be careful ))

thank you for your reply. What do you think, next code has a bug?

[C:\]md /d 1 %+ md A %+ md B
[C:\1]mv A B /s
TCC: (Sys) No files.
0 files moved

[C:\1]dir /sfh
Directory "A" has been deleted.

/wnr, Alexander
First of all, using multiple commands on the command line can be confusing and can lead to multiple errors if something is mis-typed, so I rarely do that. I'm a step by step person. :)

You apparently have MV as an alias for MOVE and I'm not sure what options you have by default.

Since there are no files or subdirectories in A, the /S is unnecessary. The error is saying there's no files found and MOVE quits, probably because the syntax is incorrect anyway.

*MOVE A B works, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to move an empty directory. In the real world you should always specify the destination directory, even if it will have the same name at the new location.

MOVE /S A B\A is correct, empty directory or not.

Using the correct syntax you can move a directory and specify that it have a different name at the new location. If the A directory is empty, it will report "TCC: (Sys) There are no more files." but the directory will be moved anyway.

Also, I would suggest that you specify your options on the command line before the source and target. That's what the help files specify and it makes it easier to recall a command and change the source and/or target, which I do quite often.
thanks for the advice. My alias for "mv" is "*move /r", i'm sorry.:oops:
The proposed option works correctly :)
/wnr, Alexander

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