Key Commands missing?

Dec 17, 2009
Since the upgrade to version 24, some keys for CML editing don't seem to work anymore.
Examples are Ctrl-E & Ctrl-D in the history pop-up window.

Editing and deleting entries is still possible via the window icons. But no matter which keys are assigned to these functions in TCC Options, they all get ignored.

Does anyone have similar problems?

BTW: the Help entry on comman line editing mentions

PopFile F7 or Ctrl-Tab        Open the tab completion window

In TCMD, however, Ctrl-Tab opens a small dialog box instead, to chose between sub-windows. F7 does nothing.
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May 14, 2008
I have fixed the Ctrl-D / Ctrl-E key handling for the popup windows in build 27.

I cannot reproduce your issue with the F7 key in TCMD; it opens the completion window here. Check your menu shortcut keys and make sure it hasn't been assigned to something else.

The Ctrl-Tab key will only work in TCC console sessions. In TCMD, it's captured for the window switching dialog and not passed on to TCC.
Dec 17, 2009
Thank you for the upgrade to 24.0.27, Ctrl-D and Ctrl-E edit work again in the command history pop-up.

Unfortunately, now it is the Enter key that no longer does. Neither by itself, nor with Control/Shift, in both TCMD and TCC.

Another problem may exist with F1:
pressing it with the pop-up window open results in a help file error message about //ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm# being unreachable.

Definitions in the [Keys] section of TCMD.INI are:

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