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Fixed Share Memory Issue

Does anyone have an idea why the following happens:

[49] (3377456K) c:\jpsoft\startup > SET Hndl=%@SMOPEN[32,Mem1]

[50] (3403628K) c:\jpsoft\startup > SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,579]

[51] (3421824K) c:\jpsoft\startup > SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,580]
TCC: (Sys) The handle is invalid.

[52] (3564368K) c:\jpsoft\startup > SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,543]
TCC: (Sys) The handle is invalid.

[53] (3564156K) c:\jpsoft\startup > SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,544]

What is being changed between "[50]" and [51] is the value being put into memory and not the handle, so why am I getting a handle error? What is magic about the range 544 to 579 that it works. The range 400-403 works too.
Can you reproduce that? I couldn't. But in my playing around, I saw similar inexplicable errors from @SMPEEK which I could not reproduce later.
Yes, I even rebooted.

SET Hndl=%@SMOPEN[32,Mem1]
SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,579]
SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,580]
SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,543]
SET RtnH=%@SMPOKE[%Hndl,0,4,544]

Produce the same thing every time.

All my share memory .BTM, functions, and aliases that use shared memory are now failing.

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