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TCC display issue

I have a couple of issues with my TCC display when running under Parallels on my OS X El Capitan MacBook Pro.
C:\Windows>ver /r

TCC  19.10.47 x64   Windows 10 [Version 6.3.10586]
TCC Build 47   Windows 10 Build 10586
The first issue is when the TCMD window is sized to use the full height, the last line used before scrolling is well up from the bottom. You can see the result of doing '*dir' under C:\Windows here:

The second issue is that after clearing the screen with "*cls", the area above the first prompt line is not cleared.
It is cleared if I do '*cls /s /c". I tried to use the snipping tool in Windows to capture this last image. But, as soon as I did New to do the capture, that top line automatically cleared before I could do the capture. That happened if TCMD was active. If another app was active, it did not auto-clear on new capture.
Those are both Windows (or driver) issues, not TCC.

The first one is because Windows won't create a console window bigger than the max it calculates is possible given the screen size and the default font size. You'll have to change the default console properties (or the ones for TCC) to specify a smaller font size.

The second one is outside of TCC's control.

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