V20b8 Everything Issue

Hello all. I did a clean install of v20 build 8 today and when I start "everything /e" it appears to have nothing in the DB. The screen is blank. And, naturally, the extended directory features are also not working.

I've uninstalled tcmd and cleaned up everything per the instructions on removing it on the Void Tools site and reinstalled. However, it's very consistently empty.

I'm not really certain how to troubleshoot it. I installed everything as a service and the service is running. Everything is selected in the option dialog.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I did not have it on previous versions or the v20 alphas. I'm guessing it must be me or someone would have posted already, but I'd appreciate someone taking a look. Any ideas on troubleshooting would also be most welcome.

Thank you all.

Hello Scott,

In the NTFS index screen all of my drives are present and the options looks right to me. Applying the options and restarting the service (just to be safe) didn't seem to help. Any other thoughts?



Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
Make sure you don't have any stray old copies of Everything running.
tasklist everything

I have 2 processes - the Everything service and the Everything tray icon.

There was some oddness when I transitioned from running my own copy of Everything to the one bundled with Tcmd. But haven't had any issues since I let Tcmd manage them.
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