[TCC 18] Can't read nor write history

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Aug 16, 2008
Since the update from version 17 to 18 I cannot read nor write the history file (identical tcmd.ini). Exiting TCC results in a brief "TCC (Sys) The process cannot access the file because it's being accessed by another process "F:\PortableApps\TCMDx64\tcc.log"" (translated from German).

A Process Explorer search shows that TCC itself actually keeps tcc.log open (version 17 does not).

Tcmd.ini contains "HistFile=F:\PortableApps\TCMDx64\tcc.log". Two lines in tcstart.btm refer to the history file:
history /r "usb:\PortableApps\TCMDx64\tcc.log"
option //histfile = "%usb\PortableApps\TCMDx64\tcc.log"