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TCC color issue in ConEmu


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but since I couldn't find any helpful information elsewhere I'm trying here.

I've used TCC v16 together with ConEmu for many years now and they work great together. A couple of weeks ago I tested the recent TCC releases and noticed that the output of dir is no longer colored when using a colored prompt, e.g. defined by prompt [$e[1;34m$P$e[0m]. So, I get colored directory listings as long as the prompt is not changed but after assigning any escape sequences to the prompt, the directory listings are monochrome.
This only happens in ConEmu. The standalone version of TCC works as expected. Thus, it might be an issue in ConEmu. But since it works correctly with the old TCC v16, there might be some recent changes in TCC that prevent proper color handling in ConEmu.

Does anybody know what's causing this issue and if it can be fixed with appropriate settings?
I believe that the coloring has been changed to work with Windows 10 ANSI, so You might want to experiment with different settings (ANSI ON/OFF and so on).


Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Thanks for the info, Rodolfo. Yes, I also noticed that and played around with ANSI on/off vs. ANSIWin10 on/off. Unfortunately without success so far.
The current version (26) doesn't have built-in ANSI anymore, because the built-in ANSI in Win 10 is faster and more complete.

If you enable ANSI for TCC (OPTION / Windows / ANSI colors) it will enable the Win 10 ANSI. If it works with the stand-alone TCC, then the problem is with ConEmu. (It's up to ConEmu to detect the console colors and render them in the GUI window.)
Ok, thank you for the explanation. It doesn't seem to be a GUI issue, though, because the dir colors also disappear in the usually hidden "real" console ran by ConEmu.
Anyway, I guess I'll stick with TCC v16 for now and hope the ConEmu developers find a way to fix the issue.
Thanks again!
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