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TCC control-C copy operation

Is there some trick to getting the 'new in 17' control-C functionality to work? None of the key combinations marked as highlight operations on the command line itself cause any highlighting to appear; the only way I can highlight anything anywhere in the TCC command window is to use the old right-click and 'mark' method, and then pressing control-C only removes the highlight without copying anything to the clipboard. Could anything in my options or settings be inhibiting this? Win7/64.
From a console window. No problem in TC, where I can highlight text with a left-mouse-drag and then ctrl-c works OK.

Shift-left and shift-right do not show any highlight (for me) in a console window. However I tried shift-left on the command line and though I saw only cursor movement, contr0l-C did then copy the text I had cursored over. I have a COLOR 70 command in TCSTART to get a black-on-grey window, but I do not know if this is related to the lack of highlighting. Of course these keystrokes are of little use to me anyway because invariably (and I do this frequently) the destination is the command line and the needed text is elsewhere in the console window.

My goal is to be able to select text with a mouse anywhere in the console window and then (at last!) not have to remember to press Enter to put it on the clipboard, avoiding the swearing when I hit ctrl-C out of habit and have to start over again. It really looked as if TC 17 would solve this, but I may have to wait for CMD in Windows 10 instead.
Marking text with the mouse in a console window will not work with the ^C in TCC, because TCC has no way of knowing that anything has been selected. That's all being done inside conhost, and conhost doesn't share its information with the console apps it's running.

The problem with shift-left and shift-right not highlighting the selection is due to your not having a defined input color, and setting your color to 70 in COLOR instead (which is also the default inverse color that TCC uses if you didn't define an input color). (If you did something like a COLOR F0, it would show the selection.)

Instead of changing your default input color with COLOR, do it by setting the default input color in OPTION; then you *will* see the selection.

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