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unzip files with umlauts

im using the integrated unzip function from TCC, but contains the Zip-Source-File any Files with German Umlauts so show the Extraction Process, but dont extract this Files to Target and finished
UNZIP command with %_unzip_errors=0.
I have tested this with lastest TCC Version and have always the same Result. No Files with Umlauts are extracted. Listed: yes, Extracted: no.
Extenal ZIP Programs can this ZIP Files extract.

Commandline Listing Test.zip with external 7z.exe:
Date Time Attr Size Compressed Name
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------
2023-07-03 14:55:01 ....A 0 0 Test_File_with_Umlauts_ÄÖÜ_äöü.txt
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------
2023-07-03 14:55:01 0 0 1 files

Commandline Listing Test.zip with internal TCC UNZIP:
023-07-03 12:55 1 100% Test_File_with_Umlauts_���_���.txt

Commandline Extract Test.zip with internal TCC UNZIP:
unzip /e Test.zip d:\work
=> D:\work\Test_File_with_Umlauts_���_���.txt

(no File is real extracted, %_unzip_errors=0 %_unzip_files=0, ERRORLEVEL=0)

All is OK, but no File is extracted ....
It seems OK here.

v:\> echo Hello world. > ẍ.txt

v:\> type ẍ.txt
Hello world.

v:\> zip umlaut.zip ẍ.txt
<= V:\ẍ.txt

v:\> unzip /v umlaut.zip
2023-07-03  19:11             14  -14%  ẍ.txt

v:\> unzip /e umlaut.zip v:\extracted\
=> V:\extracted\ẍ.txt

v:\> d extracted\
2023-07-03  15:11              14  ẍ.txt
What exactly is the character shown as � in your post?

I used character 7821 (0x1E8D), Latin Small Letter X With Diaeresis.

Note that I can paste it here: Test_File_with_Umlauts_ẍ_ẍ_ẍẍ.txt
Create in Windows a Test-File with Umlauts (Sample: Test_File_with_Umlauts_ÄÖÜ_äöü.txt) and ZIP this File with a Windows ZIP Program (WinZIP, WinRAR, 7Zip) to a Archive with Name Test.ZIP. Now List this Archiv in TCC and show the Umlauts in Filename are �.
Thats a historical Problem with Codepages in Windows and DOS/TCC (OEM850). But TCC UNZIP Listing the File in Archive,
but extract this never and Return with RC=0.
OK. Now I see what you mean. I have this file.

2023-07-04  11:06              14  Test_File_with_Umlauts_ÄÖÜ_äöü.txt

I zipped it thus.

d:\7zip\7z.exe a zipped.zip Test_File_with_Umlauts_ÄÖÜ_äöü.txt

1. TCC's UNZIP does not print the name correctly.

v:\> unzip /v zipped.zip
2023-07-04  15:06             14    0%  Test_File_with_Umlauts_���_���.txt

2. And UNZIP does not unzip it although it claims to have done so.

v:\> unzip /e zipped.zip v:\extracted\
=> V:\extracted\Test_File_with_Umlauts_���_���.txt

v:\> dir /k /m /h v:\extracted\
TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the file specified.

The same thing happens if I create a zipped folder with Explorer, drag/drop the test file to it, and try to UNZIP it with TCC.

I suspect that Rex will fix this if he can.
I tried (and failed) to fix this with 7zip's -scs option. One anomaly is that, in 7-zip's help (v21.07), a(Add) is listed among the commands that can be used with the -scs switch, but -scs is not listed among the switches that can be used with the a(Add) command.

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