unzip /d in directory with space in name

Using unzip /d in a directory with a space in its name produces an error message:

C:\Junk\foo bar>dir

Volume in drive C is OS Serial number is 1ce5:1203
Directory of C:\Junk\foo bar\*

3/17/2010 7:57p DIR .
3/17/2010 7:57p DIR ..
0 bytes in 0 files and 2 dirs
193,966,182,400 bytes free

C:\Junk\foo bar>unzip /d \Updates\PHP\php-5.3.2-Win32-VC6-x86.zip
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\dev\
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\dev\php5ts.lib
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_bz2.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_curl.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_exif.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_fileinfo.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_gd2.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_gettext.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_imap.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_intl.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_ldap.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_mbstring.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_mysql.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_mysqli.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_oci8.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_oci8_11g.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_openssl.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pdo_mysql.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pdo_oci.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pdo_odbc.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pdo_pgsql.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pdo_sqlite.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_pgsql.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_shmop.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_soap.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_sockets.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_sqlite.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_sqlite3.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_sybase_ct.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_tidy.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_xmlrpc.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ext\php_xsl.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\extras\
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\extras\openssl\
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\extras\openssl\openssl.cnf
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\extras\openssl\openssl.exe
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\extras\openssl\README-SSL.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\go-pear.bat
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icudt36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icuin36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icuio36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icule36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\iculx36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icutu36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\icuuc36.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\install.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\libeay32.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\libpq.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\license.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\news.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\PEAR\
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\PEAR\go-pear.phar
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\phar.phar.bat
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\pharcommand.phar
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php-cgi.exe
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php-win.exe
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php.exe
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php.gif
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php.ini-development
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php.ini-production
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache2.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache2_2.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache2_2_filter.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache2_filter.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5apache_hooks.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5embed.lib
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5nsapi.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\php5ts.dll
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\pws-php5cgi.reg
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\pws-php5isapi.reg
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\readme-redist-bins.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\snapshot.txt
=> C:\Junk\foo bar\ssleay32.dll
Indexing C:\Junk\foo
TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the path specified.
Indexing bar
TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the path specified.
"C:\Junk\foo bar\bar"

C:\Junk\foo bar>ver /r

TCC 11.00.44 Windows Vista [Version 6.0.6002]
TCC Build 44 Windows Vista Build 6002 Service Pack 2
Registered to davidmarcus - 1 System License

C:\Junk\foo bar>
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