Unzip /F and /U not working in V12

If I use UNZIP with either the /U or /F switches, no files are extracted
even though the zip file contains many files that are newer than those in
the target directory. This is with 12.00.26 under XP.

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
On Thu, 02 Sep 2010 22:01:02 -0400, Howard Goldstein <>

|If I use UNZIP with either the /U or /F switches, no files are extracted
|even though the zip file contains many files that are newer than those in
|the target directory. This is with 12.00.26 under XP.

I can reproduce that.

And UNZIP /C doesn't work very well:

v:\ziptest> type test1.txt

v:\ziptest> zip zipfile.zip *.txt
<= V:\ziptest\test1.txt
<= V:\ziptest\test2.txt

v:\ziptest> unzip /c zipfile.zip test1.txt

It's the same for "zip /c".

v:\ziptest> zip /c zipfile.zip test1.txt

The help says "ZIP /C" and "UNZIP /C" do the same thing ... is that so?

And ...

Is there a way to **uncontitionally** put a file into a zip archive, replacing
it if necessary (and regardless of timestamp)? It's the default behavior of my

v:\ziptest> zip zipfile.zip test1.txt
<= V:\ziptest\test1.txt
TCC: Error in archive V:\ziptest\zipfile.zip :
File already exists in the archive. "V:\ziptest\test1.txt"

v:\ziptest> u:\zip.exe zipfile.zip test1.txt
updating: test1.txt (172 bytes security) (stored 0%)
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