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WAD UNZIP password ignored

When unzipping an encrypted file the /S parameter causes the system to prompt for a password.
According to the docs /S"mypassword" is supposed to use the given password.
However, even when one is provided, I still get prompted to enter the password (ignoring the one supplied).

Is there a fix of this? Or have I misunderstood the documentation?
It's working OK for me. Are you sure you're using the internal unzip command? Try typing "which unzip" to confirm that. I ask because if I use an incorrect password (or no password) I don't get prompted for the password, I just get an error message saying "The password supplied is incorrect."
Thanks for waking me up. YES I am using the internal command. But I had the name of the zip file twice in the parameter list and that messed it up.

All OK now.

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