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How to? Can 32-bit TCC be run on a system with 64-bit TCMD and TCC installed?

The reason: There is a 32-bit plugin for 32-bit TCC which does not exist for 64-bit TCC.

Projected use from within 64-bit TCC: set result=%@execstr[tcc32 /c "echo %@pluginfunction[foo bar]"]
or tcc32 /c "echo %@pluginfunction[foo bar] > temp.txt"
You can run a 32-bit TCC on a Windows x64 system with a 64-bit TCMD and TCC. However, you can't install it because the installer will always default to the same bitness as the OS.

If you install it on an x86 Windows, you could then copy everything over to the x64 Windows system.
I use the 32-bit TCC LE 14.00.9 on my Windows 7 64-bit system for just that reason.

From 64-bit TCC 24, I have;
c:\users\jlc\utils>echo %tcc32
X:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCCLE14\tcc.exe

A simple .BTM;
@echo off

cd c:\utils
plugin /l dbf.dll
echo %@reccount[stuff.dbf]

From 64-bit TCC 24;
c:\users\jlc\utils>"%tcc32" /c test.btm

32-bit TCC LE 14.00.9 can be installed onto Windows 64-bit OS, no need to copy an existing TCC LE 14.00.9 from a Windows 32-bit OS.

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Charles Dye,
It's Joe Caverly's DBF plugin.

Joe Caverly,
Thanks for the clue; I'll try that. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit.

Any chance you'll build your DBF plugin for 64-bit TCC?
Any chance you'll build your DBF plugin for 64-bit TCC?

My plugins are written using PowerBASIC.

Bob Zale passed away on November 6, 2012. Bob wrote PowerBASIC in assembler.

Yes, just assembler. Bob was working on a 64-bit version of PowerBASIC when he passed away.

Drake Software purchased PowerBASIC, along with the PowerBASIC source code, on January 1, 2017.

I have my doubts that Drake Software will be releasing a 64-bit version of PowerBASIC, but if they do, I will provide a DBF plugin for 64-bit TCC.


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