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Fixed [23.0.22]: TCMD crashes shortly after start, TCC keeps running in background

After today's update, TCMD will no longer start on my system (Windows 7 Build 7601 32bit, Service Pack 1).

Its window shows up briefly, as previously configured, but just when TCC should begin running inside it,
TCMD crashes and/or closes, without an error message.

TCC remains running as background process without window, and has to be closed manually.

As a stand-alone program, TCC seems to work fine.
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I see the same. Windows 7 x86. Renaming TCMD.INI does not help.
Slightly different here: TCMD starts ... there's a new hidden TCC, but no tab ... Tabs/NewTab briefly shows a tab ("MDITabNN") with nothing in it and does not leave a hidden TCC. TCMD itself does not crash.
Edit: If I start it with "/N" (no INI file) an empty TCMD frame appears only briefly, TCMD dies leaving a hidden TCC
Are you all running Windows x86, because here on Windows 10 x64, it works just fine
Fixed in 23.0.23. It was a Windows API bug that only affected the deprecated x86 TCMD.

That took care of the crashing TCMD window, thank you.

Unfortunately, the problem of the screen output turning into blank lines still remains:


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