Fixed [23.0.22]: TCMD crashes shortly after start, TCC keeps running in background

Dec 17, 2009
After today's update, TCMD will no longer start on my system (Windows 7 Build 7601 32bit, Service Pack 1).

Its window shows up briefly, as previously configured, but just when TCC should begin running inside it,
TCMD crashes and/or closes, without an error message.

TCC remains running as background process without window, and has to be closed manually.

As a stand-alone program, TCC seems to work fine.
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May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Slightly different here: TCMD starts ... there's a new hidden TCC, but no tab ... Tabs/NewTab briefly shows a tab ("MDITabNN") with nothing in it and does not leave a hidden TCC. TCMD itself does not crash.
Edit: If I start it with "/N" (no INI file) an empty TCMD frame appears only briefly, TCMD dies leaving a hidden TCC
May 20, 2008
Are you all running Windows x86, because here on Windows 10 x64, it works just fine