Running v19 breaks v18

Apr 13, 2010
The Hague
If installed side by side, running v19 will add option "TabToolbar=Yes" to the ini-file. That causes an error when subsequently running v18 again.

Removing the offending option during v18 startup will not prevent the error the first time v18 is run after v19.

Regards, DJ.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
This is only an issue if you're trying to share the same TCMD.INI file in two different versions of TCMD (which we do not recommend or support). If you put your v19 TCMD.INI in the default location (c:\programdata\JP Software\Take Command x64 19.0), you won't have any problems.

It's not a new issue -- every new version of TCMD adds some new TCMD.INI directives which older versions of TCMD don't recognize.
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