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Starting TCC with double click on tab bar

I am running Vista SP1 and I want to have TCMD 9.02.151 and TCC store
all their configuration files (TCC.INI, TCSTART.BTM and my ALIASES
loaded by TCSTART.BTM) in a location that is accessible to all user
logins, as I sometimes need to use different logins for various
reasons. So I have put all the files in:


which is available to everyone. After a struggle with the INI file
and the command line options, I have now made everything work so that
when I start TCMD, it starts two tabs with TCC using the right
options. But I can not figure out how to make those options the
defaults, so that when I double click on the tab bar to start another
copy of TCC, the same configuration files will be used. Or if I use
the START /TAB command, how to make those options the defaults so I do
not have to use a huge command line or a batch file. Any ideas how to
do that?

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