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v20 help nit

In the quick search box, it would be to be able to select all with a 2-click or left-button-swipe so that typing will erase what's already there ... as is the case in the keyword search box. There seems to be no selection mechanism at all in the quick search box.
P.S., Did you really mean "Suggestion forum" (obsolete)? I used "Feedback" (lightbulb). Suggestion forum's pop-up still says to find feedback at the left margin.
Do you want users to use the "Suggestions" forum, or not? Either way, its popup message is obsolete ... there's no more feedback tab.
I know about that. It's not the one mentioned here (see below), which, IIRC, was an actual tab, and was labeled "Feedback"):

It used to be similar to this (left margin, feedback tab).

They both point to UserVoice.

Edit: As to positioning. I'm using Chrome and the AntiQuark-JP theme.
Edit 2: As a side note, you might check your window width. If I open my developer options and run "console.log(window.innerWidth)" from the console, it returns 1320. If I make my screen narrower, the feedback button starts to encroach on the options like yours.
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I'm using FireFix and xenBlock - JP. FF occupies all of a 1280 wide monitor, but it's not in full-screen mode. The look of it doesn't bother me, but what does is those three things next to it. They open on hover but they don't close on de-hover. I find that very annoying.
They open on hover but they don't close on de-hover. I find that very annoying.
I too find that annoying, but clicking outside of their perimeter makes them disappear.
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