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Wrapped text - mouse\mark\copy\paste in a TCC console?

When I use the mouse to mark (left drag), copy (right), and paste (right) wrapped text in a TCC console, I see two difefrent behaviors. If the wrapped text was copied from a previous command line, it pastes with a newline. If it was copied from previous output, it pastes without a newline.

For example ... below, I copied the wrapped a/b/c/d from the previous command line and pasted it at a new prompt. I got a/b and a newline (followed by /c/d).


And below I copied the wrapped a/b/c/d from previous output and pasted it at a new prompt. I got all the text without a newline.


In CMD, both give the same result; the text is pasted without a newline (and this is verified by looking at @LINES[clip:] after copying). Does anyone know what's going on? Does TCC have anything to do with marking/copying/pasting with the mouse?

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