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TakeCommand v23 + ANSI color sequences leads to black on black text

With TakeCommand v23.00.34 x64 I've come across an unusual problem that only appeared recently.

When using ANSI sequences with both TCC and wsl, the ESC[0m ("all attributes off") sequence now makes text colour black on black, where previously it would effectively set text colour grey(unbolded white) on black. This does not occur in a standalone TCC and wsl/bash window, where the sequence works as expected, only within TakeCommand.

I'm not sure when this behaviour began, as for the most part I tend to just use TCC outside of TakeCommand. I'm wondering if it's tied to Windows' ANSI support, as I recently updated Windows to 1903, and don't recall seeing this before. I poked through TakeCommands settings, but nothing I did seemed to have any effect.
I'm thinking Rex could probably bodge around it. But maybe the screen refresh loop is not something he wants to slow down...?
I can see why not, it's just a shame it breaks so many things I rely on. But it's Microsoft, so you know, I'm used to it. :)

Regardless, it's moot for me, anyway, as I'm on TC 23 and it looks like TC 24 is out, unless he does maintenance on old versions. (I bought TC because I used TCC/LE for years and wanted to at least give something back, but can't justify the upgrade price as too many other things need my attention right now).
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