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32-bit Take Command v22 install for thumb drive

I want to make a 32-bit Take Command install for a USB thumb drive. I have a 2-PC license, and I have installed only 1 on my home laptop. I have all 64-bit Windows computers at home and work. At work we have 32-bit Windows 7 computers that drive our test equipment. I want to install Take Command and my .btm files on a thumb drive. The test equipment will eventually be installed at our clients in India and China and Taiwan. Take Command will never be installed on those systems; it will be used to clean up and configure these systems before installation.

How can I make a 32-bit installation of Take Command on the test equipment computer systems?

Here is another option:
If I unregister a V20 installation on my home laptop, could I make a thumb drive of a V20 installation (also 2 PC) and keep using V20 on my 64-bit computer at work.

Another possibility is to use one of those 32-bit Windows 7 test systems to install on a USB thumb drive.

I'm trying to do this all legally without breaking any license agreements.


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