Fixed LEAVE N not working

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I have several examples. Here's the simplest one. I would not expect to see the "left inner do" message at all. And I would expect that, in the end, i and j are both 1. But ...
v:\> type leaven2.btm
do i=1 to 2
    do j=1 to 2
        leave 2
    echo left inner do
echo i = %i and j = %j

v:\> leaven2.btm
left inner do
left inner do
i = 3 and j = 1
I think it's working correctly. My first test failed miserably, apparently because LEAVE's argument can't be in a variable. Could you expand LEAVE's argument?

I had to replace
leave %zz
iff %zz == 1 then
   leave 1
elseiff %zz == 2 then
   leave 2
elseiff %zz == 3 then
   leave 3
I also noticed that LEAVE (ITERATE also) is not echoed when echo is on ... WAD?