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"New Tab" Strangeness

I used the "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" "More commands..." to assign key Alt-N to the "New Tab" item in the "Tabs" category. When I press Alt-N in TCMD17, the new tab that is created mirrors the currently active tab. It starts up in the same default directory, and when I change the directory in one tab, the other one changes to match it. Indeed, the content of the screen buffers appears to be more-or-less the same in both. It's more like a second view of the same tab.

This was not the case in previous versions. Is this a bug or new feature?

I have assigned Alt-T to the "New Tab" item in the "File" category, and it works the way Alt-N did in previous versions of TCMD. It creates a new TCC session that runs its own TCSTART script.

-- Jay
I was going to report another problem, but I think it is related to these duplicate tabs. When I run a command, the screen does not always scroll down to the new command prompt. I think this is happening only in the newer tab. The original tab seems to be working normally.
Rex didn't respond to this post, but I just checked in build 52 and see that the problem has been corrected. I'm no longer getting the strange tab behavior, the screen is scrolling properly, and Ctrl-C is reliably capturing selected screen content.

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