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Documentation Plugin everything.dll

Looking for author or documentation of the EVERYTHING.DLL without loading it. Searching the forum failed - everything.dll is considered "too commonplace" to search for by the author of the search mechanism.
It doesn't want to load in the current TCC, but you can load it in 4NT v8. Or just LIST /X EVERYTHING.DLL and troll for strings.

Anyway, this plugin is by longtime member Scott Mintz (samintz).
Thanks, Charles! I now know not to bother with it...

No wonder searching the current forum did not find it! A good example for my request that the authors be required to supply at least elementary information for the PLUGINS download page at jpsoft.com ...
Yep. I stopped maintaining it when I switched to 64-bit TCC. And now that Rex has added native support for it, it should be put to rest. Before he added native support for it I found it just as easy to use the command line ES.EXE tool.
Thanks, Scott!
BTW, do you find 64b TCC beneficial compared with the 32b version on the same machine, or never compared them?
I never compared them. But the whole Wow64Redirect stuff always bugged me. I prefer x64 just because of that.

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