DESKTOP plugin - anyone ?

Sep 11, 2012
After trying/testing/reading about half a dozen desktop managers/utilities (VirtuaWin, Sysinternals Desktops, Dexpot, Actual Window Manager) I was happy to see the new TCC DESKTOP command.

But I agree that the internal function of TCC should be kept "lean and mean".

While I am not capable of doing it (fast enough) myself, I would very much like to see a plugin/addon that give some GUI/hotkey functions to the DESKTOPs created by TCC.

At first, very simple functions:

1. Hotkeys to cycle through desktops created.
2. Taskbar icon with right-click menu to show desktops (with NAMES).

Could it be done using AutoIt or AutoHotkey ?
Does anyone here have any plans to create something like this ?
Does this require any updates to SDK ? (Last I found was from aug 2011)

Of course, the functions will depend on what enhancements will be included in future versions of TCC.


PS - for good plugins I would be happy to pay/domante :)
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