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How to? a plugin to sort Outlook Express "rules"

I always use OE for email and in some identies I have over 300 rules. Some are not sorted so if I want to modify a rule it can take a while to locate, etc. I searched using Google for a program to sort these rules but amas of now have not found one. I think it would ask for the sort criteria (revers or ascending order, etc) then if you want it done alphanumerically or if you have a special sort order. If it is a special sort order then it ausses it would be blocked together, like all rules starting with "!" should be at the top. And once the user enteed the required data - the plugin would just do a lot of screen compares and "press" the up and down arrows and I guess at the end of the procvess would 345 rules sorted with 250 UPs and 300 DOWNs.

I am just not sure how to go about this process.

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